Course Selections

Registering your 8th grade student on Parent Portal

The Portal will open December 7th. 

To Register on ParentPortal, sign in as normal. On the left, look for “Class Registration”

Beside each subject, click the pencil icon for courses available.
When you go to register online, you and your child will pick the classes you think are most appropriate for your child. This is to help ensure we are following county guidelines with our new anti-racism policy to help eliminate any inequitable practice that may prevent a student from taking higher-level course offerings. More about that policy can be found here. After you and your child have registered for courses, teachers will review the course selections made to see if a conversation should be had about placement

Select the course you want to take by checking the box. Courses with “AD” at the end are Advanced. Courses with “HO” at the end are Honors. 

When choosing core classes, be aware there are usually two levels: Advanced or Honors. Academic/Advanced level courses are offered as a college preparatory/ school-to-work program. Students in Academic/Advanced classes are engaged in a rigorous curriculum designed to stimulate and encourage academic growth and performance.

Honors level courses are designed for students demonstrating exceptional aptitude and achievement in the discipline and a desire to pursue the curriculum beyond the Academic/ Advanced level of study. Honors students are expected to be self-motivated, independent learners able to engage in self-instruction through independent reading, projects, and research.

It is important to note that Honors Level courses often carry a heavier workload outside of school hours. For that reason, you will want to consider the workload and other out-of-school commitments, such as sports schedules, when selecting courses.

Repeat this process for all core subjects. Make sure you hit “OK” each time and the class you have selected will appear in the text box. 

Freshman Seminar is already pre-populated as it is a required class. 

After these first 5 courses, you will be able to repeat these steps for World Languages, Electives, and Alternative Electives.