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High Schools and Academies

Two-thirds of Burley 8th graders are districted to attend Monticello High School, the other third will attend Albemarle High School. Each Albemarle County high school has a science academy which you will find linked on this page. All courses for all high schools and graduation requirements can be found in the Program of Studies. You can also find the high school graduation requirements from the Virginia Department of Education website.

This is the link that students should fill out to indicate interest for the Academy they wish to attend.

Monticello High School

The first of the two main high schools that Burley Middle Schoolers attend is Monticello High School, home of the Mustangs! Monticello houses around 1,200 students and is home to the Health and Medical Sciences Academy

Albemarle High School

The second most attended high school by Burley students is the home the Patriots, Albemarle High School. This school is has almost 2,000 students and is home to the MESA, the Math, Engineering, and Science Academy.

Murray Community Charter School

Murray Community Charter School is an option for students who are interested in a small classroom environment. Students are accepted based on a lottery. Please follow this link to the admissions page. 

Environmental Science Academy

The Environmental Science Academy is located at Western Albemarle High School. As with the other academies, interest forms will be due 1/29/2021.