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COVID-19 Safety Statement
In accordance with our safety policy, the Burley library space is temporarily closed to students and parents for in person browsing. For our virtual students, we will continue to use a curbside pickup system where numerous safety precautions will be followed by the librarian while preparing books for pickup, including mask wearing and hand washing. Additionally, for our hybrid students, a book cart will be brought to Language Arts classrooms to allow for safe browsing. All returned books will be quarantined 3-7 days before being placed back into circulation following current best practice policies.
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Contact Information
Nathan Hipple, Librarian
Books can be placed on hold at any time through the Destiny library system. Once the book is ready, virtual students will receive an email to pick it up from the main school lobby Monday-Thursday 8:45-5:00 or Friday 9:00-4:00. For hybrid students, all books will be delivered to them in their Language Arts classroom.
Checkout Policy
Checkouts are limited to 5 books per student. Books will check out for one month at a time. Please contact the librarian if additional books or renewals are needed.
Book Selection
The Burley Middle School library is designed to serve a diverse population across a range of ages. Our collection reflects that. What is appropriate for one student may not be appropriate for another. If a student ever feels uncomfortable with a book, they are encouraged to return it to the librarian who is available to help guide them to books they may feel more at ease with. Additionally, the Young Adult section of the library is only available to 7th and 8th grade students. 6th grade students are encouraged to obtain parent permission if they would like to check out books from this section of the library. Please do not hesitate to contact the librarian for assistance selecting books that are both appropriate and high interest.